Data sheet

natural cellulose fiber

Basic raw material
Technical raw cellulose

Long fiber, grey


Physical and chemical properties

cellulose content
average fibre length
average fibre thickness
bulk density
residue on ignition (850 °C, 4 h)
pH-value (5 g/ 100 ml)


approx. 80 %
1400 μm
45 μm
20 g/l - 35 g/l
approx. 15 %
7.5 +/- 1


Screen analysis

Screen residue (in accordance with DIN 53 734/air jet sieve) with an interior mesh aperture of:

300 μm
max. 70 %

32 μm
max. 99 %

As with all natural products slight differences to the above given values may arise.

General remarks

CELLUGRÜN® cellulose fibres are environment friendly products, gained from replenishable raw materials.
Among other things, they are used as thickeners, for fibre reinforcement, as an absorbent and
diluent or as a carrier and filler in most manifold application fields.