ARBOCEL Cellulose fibers Functional natural fibers for

Safe brake pads

What is ARBOCEL ?

ARBOCEL is a special cellulose fiber with a structured surface for brake pad formulations.

- Fiber types differing specifications and properties are available depending on the application.

ARBOCEL is a natural fiber taken from renewable raw materials.

ARBOCEL has an elastic fiber structure.

ARBOCEL does not melt.

ARBOCEL from carbon.

Recommended ARBOCEL fiber types.

B 400

B 800

PZ 8

II 8/2


ZZ 8/1


Application profiles:

In the friction pad:
As a multifunctional process fiber in the pre-mixing and main mixing manufacturing processes.

  • Pre-mix: to granulate elastomers e.g. using kneaders.
  • Main mix: as a multifunctional fiber for the homogenization and reinforcement of the mixture components.


In the under layer:

  • For the elastomer granulation and in the email mix.


Main mix
Under layer
Disc brakes
Drum brakes


Formulation proportion:

Depending on the application,approx. 3-5% ARBOCEL is recommended.


Brake pads made with ARBOCEL are suitable for use in cars, trucks,railed and industrial vehicles as well as machinery.




  • Natural fiber from renewable raw materials
  • Cost savings
  • Improved product properties
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions



Cost savings

  • In the formulation, amount
  • In the mixing time

Improved processing

  • shorter mixing time
  • better handling
  • homogenization

Improved properties in conjunction with other friction pad components.

  • deaeration over the fiber capilliaries during the pressing process
  • crack reduction due to the good resin bond
  • stabilization and reinforcement of the mix
  • improved comfort and compressibility
    of the friction pads due to the elastic fiber structure
  • pore structure and friction value
    stabilization by carbon formation from 350`C

Relible partnership

  • As a globally active industrial partner, the JRS company, J. Rettenmaier & Sohne, stands for safe resources and reliability.


The economical and enviromentally-friendly material altenative

  • a substitute for expensive fibers and fibers with adverse health effects
  • ecological because the natural fibers are taken from renewable raw materials


Processing ARBOCEL fibers

ARBOCEL cellulose fibers offer:

  • good handling
  • no technical safety restrictions
  • simple dosing and mixing



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