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What is ARBOCEL?

ARBOCEL is a powdery to fibrous cellulose additive for use in construction chemicals products.

ARBOCEL additives are produced from cellulose. A whole range of renewable raw materials is available for producing cellulose.

ARBOCEL are water-insoluble celluloses left in their natural state (not comparable to water-soluble cellulose ethers).

ARBOCEL is produced in various qualities (fiber length, thicknesses, purities, etc.) for a very wide rang of industrial applications.

3D cellulose structure


General properties and reasons for applications of ARBOCEL

General properties and characteristics of ARBOCEL – cellulose fibers whit the following ranges of application:

- Organic fibres, gained by chemical disintegration from fir – and beech woods.

- Average fiber length, varying whit the different ARBOCEL – grades, but maximum approx. 2 mm.

- Average fiber width: softwood cellulose approx. 35 μm
                                    Hardwood cellulose approx. 18 μm

- There are no straight , but rather curved fibres concerned , which bestow a certain "felting tendency" , specially with long-fibred qualities.

- ARBOCEL- cellulose fibers cannot be compared whit stable fibers, which show normally lengths of 1-8 cm. stable fibers show a straight fiber structure and a smooth surface, and they can therefore be replaced normally , in spite of their fiber length, by the same up to double of weight amount of ARBOCEL cellulose fibers.

- The appearances of ARBOCEL – cellulose fibers is similar to that of asbestos fibers. ARBOCEL – fibers are not fiberlled to the same extent as asbestos fibers are, and they show a thicker fiber-width. They cannot at all pass through to the alveols of lungs, as asbestos fibers do.

- ARBOCEL – cellulose fibers are physiologically and toxilogically harmless.

- Density: 1.5 g/cm³ as net density (asbestos 2.5 g/cm³)
Compound density with air cavities in the fibres : 1.3 g/cm³ doen to 1.0 g/cm³

- The epuilibrium moisture content of ARBOCEL – cellulose fibers is 8-12 %
ARBOCEL – cellulose fibers are supplied with moisture values of 6-8 %
ARBOCEL in this situation is hygroscopic, and should therefore be stored under dry condition. –We are, as well, able to furnish ARBOCEL highly dry.

- Insoluble in water and organic solvents.

- Resistant against diluted acids and liquors.

- Guiding values for temperature bearing pressure:

140°C for several days          - 160°C for several hours
180°C for one to two hours   - 200°C and more, only for a short time

1. Main reason: reinforcement of fibers, therefore applied many times instead of asbestos (There are normally only 30 % to 50 % in weight of the so far employed asbestos (Short fibers) required, in case the asbestos is substituted by long-fiberd arbocel-grades)

2. Strong thickening efficacy
The higher the average fiber length, the better the thickening effect, which is due to the formation of a three-dimensional fiber-framework.

3. Intrinsic viscosity, since the fibres align immediately to the direction of shear fore. Due to this alignment of fibres to shearing stress the viscosity of the formulation decays the more, the more the compound is stirred, respectively reciprocal.

4. Good coercive force to fluids (by application of load approx. 100-200% of own weigh, with unoperated position 200-600% of own weight.)

5. Improved dwell time of formulation during the working time, which is due to the fiber structure and the retention capacity to fluids. The heat stability is increased.

6. The dimension stabilization is excellent, which means there occurs no shrinkage.

7. Internal tension of formulation are degraded.

8. The forming of cracks is interrupted. (The mechanical energy arising with the forming of cracks is degraded.)

9. It is in many cases possible to apply thick film coatings by one operation.

10. Prolonged open-time by transportation of fluids by means of the cellulose fibers from inside (core) to the surface, where the evaporation takes place.

11. Quicker thorough-drying of the total blend.

12. Drastic conditions under outdoor exposure (For instance wind, freeze-thaw cycle, heat absorbant substrates) are reduced to a tolerable degree by the balancing properties of ARBOCEL.

Concerning the application of ARBOCEL – cellulose fibres it can generally be stated that the above mentioned characteristics and properties of ARBOCEL are, according to our experience, transferable from one range of application to another.

Data Sheet grade ZG 8-1
Data Sheet grade PZ8

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